Lloyd and Peggy Brink

  • Lloyd and Peggy Brink founded CARE in 2009 after rescuing their own dogs from the city shelter in San Antonio. One of those dogs being Cressie! Cressie came into the family as scared, aggressive and untrusting. Through love and time she has become the most amazing companion and family member. Cressie is 14 years old now and is happy to be with her people and loves life to the fullest. We will always be grateful that she found her way to the Brink family and inspired Cressie Animal Refuge and Enrichment, CARE.

Emily Cleveland

  • Emily has lived in Texas all her life but is a recent transplant to San Antonio and was thrilled to find her dream job with the CARE team! She comes from a background of working closely with dogs and other animals. She is the Adoption Coordinator and handles matching the dogs with their perfect forever homes! She and her husband, Scott, have two rescue dogs at home and are both passionate about rescue work.

Jessy Gillette

  • Jessy found CARE in 2016 online while living in California. She flew down to San Antonio for an interview and moved down a few weeks later to join the team. She is the Office Manager and handles the marketing and social media for CARE. She has two rescue dogs, one who she found through fostering for CARE. She loves photographing the dogs in the program, be sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram for some of the great photos!

Petie Brink

  • Petie Brink came to CARE in early 2018. He was a rescue in pretty rough condition. Peggy Brink fostered him and fell in love and it wasn’t long until Petie became a permanent member of the CARE Team. He is in the CARE office almost every day greeting new dogs and overseeing adoptions. In mid 2018 he promoted himself to the boss and now goes by Boss Man Petie. He is passionate about naps and saving more dogs in his community.